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Bovington weekend........


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Just come back from Bovington weekend. As some of you know, this was our first outing with the GMC, in fact this was our first show :shock: wasn't too sure what to expect :roll:


Must say that it was better than I could imagine, I was slighty nervous as my GMC isn't in the 'same' condition as everyone elses :oops: :cry: as it happened no one laughed but it didn't take John and Ron to lift up the bonnet and stick their heads under it..............I am sure they are builders by the amount of 'oh', 'blimey', 'that is going to cost some', 'never seen that before'....and it wasn't long before the socket sets and spanners were put into action. I swear the thing was running better before they got to it :shock: I would imagine that this is all part of my initiation into the group. But on a serious note it looks like I do have some work to do on the engine :(


It was a cracking weekend and it was made even better by meeting one of HMVF's members, Karoshi. Great pleasure to of met you Colin and you are dam good company, we must do that more often! Colin drove 70 miles in his 352 and you will be able to see by the pictures that his truck, is simply, stunning. It was also great to of met Alan and Val, thank you for the chat guys and it was good to have you on the 'German express' :D



Finally, the weekend was attended by the German Pioneer Battalion 146 from Portsmouth. Now, these guys were wonderful, these guys were also slighty barking. Colin and I loaded the trucks with the Germans when all of us went on the road run around the Purbecks, now that was something pretty special and raised many a smile and turned many heads as 12 vehicles drove around the Purbecks, full of Germans :shock: :shock: we had some great looks from people in the pub and it wasn't long before everyone was out in the carpark looking over the MV's.......


I will let the pictures of the Germans speak for themselves, thanks guys, you are a great bunch and Colin, great pleasure to of met you and thank you for that beer!!





























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Jack, thanks to you, your family and all the Dorset crew that made me feel so welcome. The mileage was well worth the effort, and it gave me a chance to show off both my port-hand and starboard-hand water buckets.


5.1/2 hours to get back was not too bad. Oh the traffic.


The journey highlight was the personal police escort off the motorway to the nearest exit,………… a first for me.


I know it was dark and pi**ing down, but somehow Mr Plod just couldn't seem to accept that even in all that spray a dark green 7 ton truck doing 30mph on the motorway with NO rear lights, was not a risk. I thought the tropical storm and the regular lightning flashes made the GMC perfectly visible, but they wouldn’t see it, and erred on the side of caution.


The night in the lay-by was not too bad, but it just wasn't the same without you guys. Cooking breakfast at 0600 by the side of the road after a good nights sleep is quite a new experience, and something not to be missed.


Cracking weekend, must do it again, but will have to fix the rear lights first.


Thanks for returning the flag also.


Looking forward to the next one





and Jack your GMC's just fine.

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Guest shane taylor

Hey guys, looks like you had a great time and your journey on the way home Karoshi sounds like an adventure :shock: :? Never heard of that before but glad you made it back ok and what a beaut of truck you have, looks like you have many hours on it and was a real 50 cal under that cover?


Well done on your truck Jack looks like you had a great time as your first meet and that is what it is all about and I have seen those Germans before some where, did they come from Dorset?


Have you got anymore pics :D



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you do get used to cooking breakfast in strange places but sadly you also get used to eating it in places that are even stranger. :D

The weekend sounded really good, i like it down at Bovvy anyway, did any of you go down last year to see the Tiger make its first public entrance. It was awesome.

good pictures Jack



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