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WW1 Steam


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Did the Subsidy scheme for the assisted purchase of trucks extend to traction engines, steam rollers etc?.

The traction engines were used in France for heavy haulage, the rollers to maintain roads and wagons also as mobile sterilising plants for laundry etc.

Did men with steam tickets remain with their engines when or if taken over by the War Dept?

There appears odd pieces of information published as to the role of steam transport during the conflict, but to date I have found nothing comprehensive as a single publication. Has any one otherwise seen such a book?

Thanks Doug


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A quick dip in the library unearths:


"Steam Traction in the Royal Engineers" by Col J Nowers, 1994, North Kent Books, ISBN 0-948305-07-X


"Military Traction Engines and Lorries 1858-1918" by R W Kidner, 1975, The Oakwood Press


Pre-WW1 there is also the famous "Mechanical Traction in war" by Lieut-Col Otfried Layriz 1900 (reprinted 1973, David & Charles, ISBN 0-7153-6078-7)


Not checked to see if they answer your questions though!

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Actually, looks as if most of the coverage is pre-WW1 and your questions are not answered!


Intuitvely I'd say that they were not under the subsidy scheme as not built to WD spec. So if they were impressed the owner woud be entitled to compensation. Drivers often volunteered to go with an impressed vehicle being sworn in to the services virtually on the spot; but this is unlikely to have been compulsorary (save for a bit of arm twisting). The first bus drivers with their MET Daimlers are, perhaps, a good example.

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I have the second book listed, but as you say it still leaves questions.

There has been some articles in the Journal of the Road Loco Society covering the period of early paraffin type gun tractors.

I will search for a copy of the other two listed books



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