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This is Danzo calling.......


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Hi folks


I'm Danzo. One or two of you may know me from http://www.britishblades.com and http://www.bushcraftuk.com


I can't pretend to have a great interest in historic military vehicles beyond that of anyone of my age (38) who made hundreds of Airfix and Tamiya models as a kid and read Hotspur, Valiant and Battle every week. Collecting knives is my thing nowadays.


However Jack is always very helpful on the forum I help to moderate, so if I can return the favour please ask. I teach law to FE/HE students and can normally answer those annoying legal questions you may not be able to find information on, if you guys don't have a real lawyer on board! If I can't answer myself I have access to academic archives which may throw up the answer.


Emailing me will probably get me quicker than a PM and by all means use BB if you hang out there as well.


Good luck with the new forum.



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Hi Danzo.


Nice to have you aboard and thanks for the heads up on legal issues, very kind of you :wink:


Some great sites that Danzo moderates on and please find the time to check them out.


Cheers mate.



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