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US Brockway lorries in WW2 Briitsh service

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Good evening all,

I have been trying for a while now to find pictures of certain US-supplied vehicles in WW2 British service.  In particular, three Brockway models: the 146S, the 156 and the 166S.  The 156 was a 4x2-2 10 tonner with a Trailmobile semi-trailer while the other two were 4x2 fuel tankers of 833 imp galls (1000 US galls) and 1660 Imp galls (2000 US galls) respectively.  The 146S had a single tank and the 166S twin tanks (presumably side by side).  Does anyone have any photos of these or know where there are any?  I can't find the tankers in the Chilwell list, but they do appear in the Data Book of Wheeled Vehicles.


Many thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, Le Prof said:

Hi @10FM68

I checked the US Government listings of vehicles supplied under lend lease, but these were not listed.

It could, of course, be that they were bought outright by the UK govt.

Not helpful, but I did try (-:

Best Regards,


Many thanks for that, that was kind.  All very odd.  As I say, they apear in the Data Book of Wheeled Vehicles, but there are no illustrations and I can't find any pictures on line of any Brockway which looks remotely like it might have been one of the type supplied.  Interestingly, there's very little on Brockways generally, apart from the well-known bridging truck which French Dinky Toys made a rather good model of (stupidly, I sold the one I had as a boy relatively recently and for less than it was, appparently, worth.)

All very interesting - but, it could be that numbers were so small they were insignificant.  Still, it would be nice to find something for completeness.


I ought to add that, of course, Brockhouse made tanker trailers for the military so, I suppose it isn't inconceivable that there is a mistake and Brockway could be Brockhouse.  A bit of a long shot, but possible, I suppose.

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