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1916 WW1 Crossley RFC 20/25 Rolling Chassis


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1916 WW1 Crossley RFC 20/25 Rolling Chassis

Extremely rare WW1 Crossley RFC rolling chassis; one of perhaps 10 surviving;

great project with huge potential for the military WW1 enthusiast; find another!

Documentation includes a V5C; Crossley Register correspondence;

technical drawings of the engine and gearbox etc and workshop manuals

two AO size copies of official RFC 1918 plans for the Crossley tender body and the aerobody;

detailed drawings of the rear suspension.


Brightwells Auction of 9th September, Lot 15

Crossley 20 25 Image.jpg

Crossley 2nd View.jpg

Crossley Front 3rd image.jpg


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Hi Simon

Thanks. I was watching it on Brightwells. 

What were the main challenges left with the Crossley that make you want to part with it?

Does it have the correct diff and is the steering box original?

What condition is the engine and gearbox in?

Any substantial missing parts that would be difficult to replace




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Too may other restoration projects. and no time to have a body commissioned, but correct copy of 1918 dated RAF plans for Tender or AeroBody come with the car - that makes a big difference to a build.


Correct diff with crown wheel and pinion and half-shaft- those are very hard-to-find parts

and correct steering column all with Crossley numbers.


Needs a pair of lower elliptical springs making, complete patterns and dimensions taken from the Tender  at RAF museum and copying the one top semi-ellipitical spring which comes with the car.


A rare find and the engine/gear box unchecked.

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I have a soft spot for these, being as they are the first 'old fashioned' vehicle that was ever identified as such to me, when someone in the early 1970's bought me the 'Models of Yesteryear' version:


I regret that I won't be bidding, but I'll quietly envy the new owner (-:

Best Regards,


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