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New owner of Royal Enfield WD/CO from Poland


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Good Evening Everyone, my name is Mike and I live in Poland.
I have inherited my grandfather's Royal Enfield which I believe is a 1943 RE WD/CO.
My grandfather bought it and rode it in the sixties.
Unfortunately later on my uncle wanted badly a chopper, so he changed some parts and painted it in stunning yellow! 😁
The bike has to be restored, but it's in fairly good condition, almost complete.
I have the bike since 2007, I've registered on this forum in.. 2010 :), but apparently raising kids took too much time 🙂
I recently moved the bike to my garage and started documenting what I have, with a purpose of restoring the bike.
I attach some pictures along with frame and contract numbers.
And there is some confusion as the numbers don't really match the famous table. 
My contract number is C/13869, but frame and engine number is 20356.
I have a type 2 frame and a regular Albion gearbox (if I got that correctly).
If anyone is able to help solve a riddle with it's history, I wolud be grateful.
Feel free to write here or contact me.
















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Hello Mike,

Welcome to the forum!
Your frame is indeed #20356 (delivered under contract S/1546 on 17/07/1944 to the War Office in Ketley). The original census number would have been C5162696. After the war somebody replaced the original engine by an engine from a contract C/13869 bike, hence the C/13869 contract number on the engine. But to give the appearance of a “matching numbers” bike, the original duplicated frame number on the engine was filed away (you can easily see the flat spot), and number 20356 was applied instead. The bike may still have its original Albion gearbox (ending with 522). Here's a "close" number, for your interest!
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