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Airfield Repair Trailers ADR

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Does anybody have any photos of these trailers used in the repair of Bomb Damaged craters on Airfield Operating Surfaces.

Self loading Bomb Mat Trailer usually towed by a Haulamatic, Empty, Loading and Loaded if possible.

Screed Beam trailer, usually hauled by a Haulamatic. Both Stowed and loaded configurations if possible.

Sykes dewatering pump usually hauled by a Bedford 4 tonner MK  or a TK

6kva Generator Trailer. usually hauled by a L/Rover 90

Compactor drop weight trailer, usually hauled by the Compactor Crane.

I would like to use the photos as part of a presentation and not for commercial use.


Missed my chance of taking any photos when I was behind the wheel of a Volvo Bucket or as a Crater Commander.

Thanks in advance.



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I can't help with photos, I'm afraid, but there is some interesting stuff on Think Defence about ADR following the BLACK BUCK sorties on The Falklands with one or two photos of RE ADR activities.  Google also came up with a photo of the screed board in use, but not on a trailer.  Have you tried the RE Museum?

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