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Finding out what batch my Dodge WC belonged to


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If I know my Dodge Weapon Carriers frame number, etc. how can I look up, or find ut, in what build batch it was regostrered before shipped out across the world?

I really want to find out more about my late Dodge WC51 (Febr 5th 1945), with frame number  817 41 448

All help much appreiated
Goran N

Dodge WC51-FEB-RAL 6014.jpg

IMG.bmp IMG_001.bmp IMG.bmp

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Hi Goran,

your best method is to contact Chrysler directly, they still have the builder's card for it.

You should receive something like this, which, since it is the birth certificate of your truck, is a nice thing to have.

Build Cards Buildcard Built card DODGE WC Markings Stars Numbers Ambulance  WC 56 Canvas doors on Command Cars 1942 - 45 US Army 2WK WW2 Build

Here is a discussion of who to contact, and the details you will need.


Let us know what you find out.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Adrian, I've got my build card already, thank you (see below-it's a late one), but I was thinking of the group of vehicles thhat were sent out to differet parts of the battlefield. The trucks were grouped together and the shipped off. I have it on my tounge, but Icant for the life of me remeber what they're called.++

I know that there's preciously little we can find out about where our Jeeps, WCs and GMCs went after they were built. The hope one first held of a magic place, where you could find out exactly where your vehicle went, down to the regiment and individual driver, even. We quickly learn of that these "Magic"places sinply don't exist, and the only way of finding out the history of your vehicle is finding the units markings on the bumpers, under layerts of paint. My WC51 was sandblasted at the Rootes Corp, in BBirmingham, in August 1955, before being shipped off as NATO aid to Norway.


Build card 81741448_Built Febr 12 1945_0006.jpg

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