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Ford T16 Universal Carrier for sale


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Its time for a change .   I have owned this T16 since 1980!  Fully restored , correctly, and in great detail in 2012.  Driven over 30 miles on the road to War and Peace and has been at Combined Ops several times , winning best Tracked Armour in 2019.      I stripped this to the hull, replacing all the poor steel above the tracks, and totally rebuilt the engine gearbox, bogies ( all new seals and bearing NOS) and wiring loom from the States.   The often missing or incorrectly made tool boxes were remanufactured to exacting details even including the correct lift over catches, sourced from the US.   This really is a museum quality vehicle that is guaranteed to start every time and put a very big smile on your face.   The T16 was the result of a challenge to  Ford USA from the War Office to produce a Carrier and improve on that designed by their colleagues in Canada.  The brake band steering is a far superior design to the early warp steering and the more powerful Mercury 100HP engine ensures the T16 really can perform as you would expect. Serious enquiries to andrew.honychurch@gmail.com 

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