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German halftrack SDKFZ10


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Hope someone can help. 

I have been asked if I might be interested in no less than 3 Sdkfz10. One of them was a runner until 10-15 years ago, the other 2 was kept for spare parts. They are all stored indoor. 
After WW2 they were used to tow timber out of the woods, and they all have been in this same farm since the late 40’s. 

If they in fact are possible to buy, I wonder what would be an decent offer? 
I know its not an easy question to answer without more information/pictures. But could you please put a price estimate within these categories:?
1-Fully restored example - price?
2-Partly restored - price
3-Wreck with body and wheels and tracks - price?

I plan to keep 1 and sell the two others. 

Thank you

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Yes in that range, but very depending on originality.  They are quite complex and can be expensive to restore, but there is still a large demand for them


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