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Land Rover snatch front armoured windscreen and door armoured glass


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Hi Lado,

Genuine replacement armoured glass is both rare and expensive.  Last I saw was about £500 each for the drivers and passengers windscreen and around £250 each for the side windows.

It depends what your problems is.  They do mist up, but this is because of the layers separating.  This can be fixed by removing the glass, separating the layers, removing the thin middle sheet of plastic and reassembling.  However this does mean that they are no longer bullet proof.

Some people have simply replaced them with a spacer and automotive glass cut to the correct size.  There have had laminated (but not bullet proof) glass fitted.  The thick glass used in banks for screen at the cashiers.

There is a forum for Snatch/WMIK owners on Facebook that's worth joining.  Lots of more detailed advice on the above available there.  I understand that some members did approach the original manufacturer to see if they could have a limited run/batch produced for group members but this didn't come to anything.


Hope that helps.  Feel free to pm if you want to ask anything specific.



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