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FBHVC - Urgent Call to Action - Scottish Historic Vehicle Movement


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Please see below from the SMVF secretary;

Please take the time to read this important message and the attachment from the Federation - they explain how the future use of our historic vehicles may be at risk and the action you can take to help correct issues within the proposed Transport Scotland Bill.

The attachment is quite long at three pages but it fully exlains the issues and contains advice on how to help on page 3. Time is very short as representations must be with your MSPs 'before' 4th June.

You can find e-mail contact details for your MSPs at https://www.parliament.scot/msps.aspx and note that in addition to your own constituency MSP you will have a number of regional MSPs representing your area who you could write to.

Help Prevent Discrimination against the Scottish Historic Vehicle Movement.pdf

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Update Received from the Secretary

"I have the  following information from Murdo Fraser MSP.

His amendments were presented in the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee and debated. There was considerable support for an exemption for historic vehicles but discussion as to whether it should appear in the Act or Regulations.  

I quote from Mr Fraser “Responding to the comments, the Transport Secretary Michael Matheson MSP acknowledged that there was an issue with historic vehicles. He said that he and his officials would look at how they might best incorporate a protection for historic vehicles into the Bill, and he would be happy to discuss this with me in coming weeks, as the Bill progresses.”

As a result Mr Fraser withdrew his amendments at that point. I think this a really good outcome and will ensure that the Federation find a way of monitoring this subject as it develops and also try to open a direct conduit to officials".




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