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Canadian Battle dress jacket and trousers both dated 1944

Pete Ashby

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I'm rationalizing some of my uniform collection as I'm running out of space to store things so I'm offering this matched pair of 1944 dated Canadian Royal Artillery Battle dress blouse and trousers,  I bought these about 20 years ago from a house clearance sale these are not reproduction items or a post war Dutch military copy.

Battle dress blouse 

SDC18554.JPG.cf4c65bac884d610a2864405b6fc57fc.JPGSDC18557.JPG.ad14fa226c0d805d5c30ba29f0119ea0.JPG SDC18556.JPG.e25cb066b4cc5b37598145d92338998b.JPG




The jacket is perfect and appears to be unworn, I believe the flashes and rank are originals and contemporary to the uniform there is no moth at all anywhere on the jacket all metal buttons and clips are in place and in perfect condition.


SDC18558.JPG.8cb6bbce5ee533fce43cd25a443544ae.JPG  SDC18559.JPG.042af451ceae2ac64223e574b2528973.JPG 

SDC18562.JPG.b87ebf2a2368b53badcb49a3a5c1afe5.JPG  SDC18563.JPG.355c67f86933bb1eb5171abce9cbc7f5.JPG


The trousers have side and hip pockets but do not have the bottom leg straps or the first aid leg pouch, they do not appear to have been altered so may possibly be Officer issue ?.  All metal buttons are in place and in perfect condition. 

There are unfortunately two month pin holes circled in red in the photo these are very small and could be mended easily with a needle and thread otherwise the trousers are in unworn condition 

These are a collectors item and are being sold as such I will take offers over £200.00 +p&p with insurance on posting .


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