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Torpedo Parts Disposal


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A friend of mine is having a garage tidy up, to make space for some 1970s classic two-stroke bikes and to raise some funds towards an ongoing project.

The project has been to find and investigate the crash site of the C-130 Hercules that was stolen by Sgt Paul Meyer in 1969. BBC Radio have been following progress last year and right at the end of the season we found the remains of the aircraft. This year we will be diving and mapping the crash site and to help defer some of the boat costs the torpedo collection is being disposed of...and all monies raised will go on the project.

First up we have a rather unique piece, a practice warhead for a 21" Mk 23 torpedo. As far as we know its intact - less the bang - and we can only guess what is inside the nose cone...typical torpedo fashion it needs a special tool...Its heavy:



Obviously one for the collector of such things. We really have no idea the value, but are open to serious offers and would prefer to see it go to a good home - hence offering it here first.

Collection from NE Hampshire or Weymouth please - just drop me a PM if interested.


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Next up we have a pair of 4.5in naval shell cases. They have been recovered from the sea and do have a nice patina (I was thinking garden ornament...but the missis objected...). Not sure of dates or base markings but can check tomorrow if anyone is interested.SBrown-20190323-0013.thumb.jpg.6dd26e07913fb6271933e99778c0f20c.jpg

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