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i have a collection of RAF survival kit and clothing


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Would anyone be interested in the various bits of survival kit, tools, rations, pilots clothing  etc?

This photo is a couple of years old, I have some more bits now (some "Anit-G" trousers and a pilot life jacket) I have researched loads of things because I teach survival and much of RAF kit is aimed at survival in some way so if anyone wants to know more, I have a lot to share! ;)

RAF USAF display 2017.jpg

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Before an eagle eyed collector points it out the helmet is fake, I made it out of a discarded motor-scooter helmet, it was just to complete a display for a public event I did. kids like to try on hats but the real thing is veeery expensive! ;)


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Hi Enigma, You can get the old RAF 1950's manuals fairly easily on e-bay around £10, they are quite informative and include drawn pictures of old RAF kit, like "Muklaks" (rubber/canvas boots).

as for the kit itself, most of it is totally functional, the silver ration box bottom left is still complete with food, I can't bring myself to open the food!

It's quite interesting to see how clothing problems were adapted and some odd additions, for example even up untill recently the kits contained a seperate waterproof hood.


The brown bag (top left) is only part of a bag, the top half, I never found the other half but it laces to the base of this one.

lots of strange items, i love to play with!

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