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M10 spring run - landing leg and parking brake handles


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M10 ammunition trailer owners,
  I am having a run of landing leg extension springs and parking brake handle springs made.  I have a post on the G503 here in the US, but wanted to reach out to the other side of the pond for those of you not on the G503...

Here are pics of the landing leg extension spring:

  Additionally, I am requesting a run of the parking brake handle springs.  See pics below:

If interested in either, please post up, PM or email me so I can get an idea of how many to order...quantity will help drive the prices down a bit.

High end (less than 3 sets/6 springs):  $40 ea. for the landing leg springs, $45 ea. for the parking brake handle springs (higher complexity of bends), plus shipping.
Low end (10 sets/20 springs or more):  $20 ea. for the landing leg springs, $25 ea. for the parking brake handle springs, plus shipping.

So far I have commitments for 7 sets of landing leg springs and 4 sets of parking brake handle springs.

I can get them within one week of placing the order, which I'd like to put in by next Friday (08FEB).

Thanks, Tom

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