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Clansman Charging.

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In need of a bit of help with regards to a Clansman charging station. I have a battery charger AC, serial No.6130-99-117-0451. this is for charging up my 4Ah 24v batteries for my clansman 352's. When the leads are plugged into the charger and battery the yellow lamp comes on, then when charged it changes to green. This was fine until yesterday when the leads are connected up and the charger switched on, the yellow lamp comes on but then after about 10 seconds it just gradually goes out. Have tried the leads in every outlet and they all react the same, any thoughts would be helpful.

Cheers Steve.  

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I've been trying to get hold of a mains charger for my clansman 352 batteries for ages.  I used to have an (issued) one which I obviously had to give back.  Then they we t obsolete and I cant get hold of a mains charger.   Any suggestions or ideas? 

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