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Evening all

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Just joined the forum.  I have 1942 GPW which I bought in 2015 to' do up'.. Always wanted one but as prices seem to go up and up, thought at 50, it was a good birthday present to myself!  Was poor body wise but all mechanicals present and correct, which I thought most important.  Couldn't do much in 2015 apart from strip it, then hurt my shoulder on early 2016, so lost the year!!  New body on last year and now she's 80% there and a runner. Hope to tweak and finish this year and get out to some events. 

Live near Ilkley, which is about 13 miles north of Leeds.  Will ask the question later, but I want to know how to keep the hood from sliding off the windscreen studs whilst driving along  ? 

I'm no espet by an means, but once you've stripped one down you have an idea of what goes whee and of course the bits you get stuck on.  Am in MVT and am going to try to get to the meetings now she's up and running as I guess I'll need advice to keep her running smoothly.  

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Hi Pete, I think it's US as all I have is the chassis number gpw47578, which puts it at July 1942. Had no hood markings and I was told the body (which was more filler than metal) was a later composite. It's now got a repro script body.  According to the standardised Jeep book, the chassis numbers on this run were shared with other nations, but as I'm sure you know, without the hood number its hard to know where they went. I bought it off a dealer and it came from California in may 2015, so who knows ? 🤔 Paul. 

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If it came in from the states it's a fair bet that it was from a US contract all indications are that very few jeeps were returned to the US from Europe after the war, all to do with not crashing the US home automotive industry by flooding the market with surplus vehicles.  Photos  and a bit of description in the restoration forum are always well received if you feel so inclined  


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