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Wheatcroft collection visit request.

Rick W

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(This is the 3rd time I have tried to post this!)


As promised in another thread I thought I would email Kevin Wheatcroft about the possibilty of a visit by some of us HMVF members to his place, and further to the mix the possibility of an email interview for this site. He has very kindly emailed back saying unfortunately not as he is a very private man and there are numerous H+S issues. Which is fair enough, at least he replied to the mail. It is a shame really as he has such a fantastic collection of vehicles, I thought it may be a long shot, but it was a case of if you dont ask you dont get.


So a visit is not on the cards for now, but in principle he has agreed to an email interview. So this is where I throw open the doors to you lot. Ive started another thread Wheatcroft interview, for you to put down any questions you always wanted to ask him, I will email these on in the next week or two and forward the results to Jack who can work his magic.

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