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NZ Stuart Turrets


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Hi All,

I don't know how many of you that are into Stuart tanks, but this is a commonly known modification that New Zealand did to most of the stuart turrets. The ones in this picture are a bit battered and bruised as they were on ranges, but you can still see the hatch holes at the top where they cut the hatch holes bigger to fit the big Maori boys in. With this modification, they welded an extra bit of steel to the hatch doors to seal the turret, but they also changed the location of the hinges to the outside of the turret unlike from factory where the hinges are in between the two hatch doors.

Cheers, David :)



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Hi Steve,

It is not an antenna bracket as it is facing forward. There is one on each side of that turret which are smoke discharger mountings.

There appears to be two mounting points for the turret rotator winding mechanism also, one on each side on the inside.

The mount on the right had the remains of the manual winding mechanism attached, and the one on the left had nothing on it but the bolts were still there. We do not know whether it had both the manual and the hydraulic turret winders, one on each side?





That is an interesting modification. I have never seen that one before. Is that an antenna bracket welded on the turret next to the pistol port door?



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