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For sale! Military letter & number stencils 133 all types


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Military letter, number and hard-to-find fractions stencils - as per the pic. 133 individual metal stencils altogether.

Entire alphabet, ampersand, variety of fractions, numbers 1 - 9 and lots of spares and/or alternative styles/sizes for most letters and numbers and some of the fractions too.

Useful for vehicle markings, canvas, ration boxes, etc, etc.

Lots of variety in terms of sizes and fonts - plenty of British style seriph letters as well as US style sans-seriph.

To give a sense of sizes the largest letters and numbers here are 5.5cm, or just over 2".

£40 plus the postage for the whole lot, which in the current teen language of the street is termed 'a bargain'.

Happy to take paypal - but buyer covers the fees.

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