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Hello all.


My interest in military vehicles really started at a place called Long Valley in Hampshire way back when the development of Khalid & Challenger was underway. I could hear the tanks running from my house, and would bike over to the test track to watch them.


I went on to do a four year MoD apprenticeship, learning vehicle repair skills on everything from Can-Am motorbikes right up to Challenger MTB and everything in between. I still have a soft spot for Stalwarts and Ferrets...but the thought of changing a bevel box reminds me why I don't own one.


Shipwrecks and underwater aircraft crash sites are another interest, and being a professional diver/underwater photographer I have documented quite a few losses.


The current area of interest is photogrammetry - using hundreds or thousands of still images to rebuild physical 3D objects. Here are a few examples of the Valentine Tanks of Studland Bay:-




3D printing is the next logical step and I have sitting on my desk a printed model of one of the cannon sites that is just off Chesil Beach. A second print is underway of the oldest vessel on the register of historic ships:-




The model of the Dolly Varden, as she is known, has been scanned and built to scale and is measured accurate.


I have been thinking about using photogrammetry to recreate parts, where the original exists but is worn or no longer serviceable and using the scan in conjunction with 3D CAD to remanufacture certain components. Or scanning an entire tank and getting it printed in bronze...the possibilities are endless...maybe your mate has a much needed part but won't sell so why not scan it to scale and get it made?


Anyway, thats me.

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