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Montieth checking in


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Afternoon Chaps. I'm Ryan Gill from the sunny south of the USA. I'm the owner of 00DA61 (Mk 2/3 Ferret), the Former owner of F48582 (Mk2 Dingo, now sold to a friend), an GaANG (Georgia Army National Guard) M35A2, and Co-owner of Vandal (One of 3 Humber Mk IV's on this side of the pond).


I work at a major media company down here in Atlanta and hope to have another Dingo or scout car of some sort as well a as a Stollie and Scammell in some future years.

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Hey Niels I figured I'd know some names here abouts. I suspect I'll know a lot of names from the old Ferret Heaven list too.


Re the Scammell, I need to build a Garage Mahal(1) first. That has a 2-3 year lead time until I get other things sorted out with the New Wife™.


1. Plans are roughly: 3 rows of concrete masonry unit columns with re-enforced concrete fill. One row of CMU columns tall enough for the M35 or Humber (or a Scammell) and with a 3 ton bridge crane installed atop a set of rails along the tops of the columns. Workshop space in the third row. Space for Smaller stuff like Ferrets in the middle row. Power, lights, air, small machine shop and welding kit to use.

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