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Croft Nostalgia 2015 - Croft Circuit, near Darlington on August 8th and 9th

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Entry forms are now available for the Croft Nostalgia event at Croft Circuit, near Darlington on August 8th and 9th. This is a week later than past years to give a bit more organising time between the Nostalgia event and the previous race meeting.















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Further attractions.....


Bucker Bestmann


Although built primarily as a trainer for the Luftwaffe, the type also performed other duties such as courier & liaison. From March 1945 an order was issued to concentrate all the available Bü 181s to be converted either to the "tank busting" role carrying four Panzerfaust anti-tank grenades from wing-mounted launchers or to the night harassment role carrying three 50 kg bombs. These units saw very limited use in the final days of the war due to the war situation. However, some missions were carried out, achieving moderate success but at the price of severe losses. ( Wiki ). This type of aircraft was also featured in the 'Great Escape' film, starring James Garner, who 'acquired' one of these aircraft in an attempt fly himself and Donald Pleasence to Switzerland.






Taylorcraft Auster 5/150


The Auster was a twice removed development of an American Taylorcraft design of civilian aircraft, the Model A. The Model A had to be redesigned in Britain to meet more stringent Civil Aviation standards and was named the Taylorcraft Plus C. After the start of the Second World War, the company developed the model further as an Air Observation Post ( AOP )—flown by officers of the Royal Artillery and used for directing artillery fire of British Army Royal Artillery units. Post war the Auster Mark V was used as the basis for the Auster J/1 Autocrat intended for the civilian market; the British firm having changed their name to Auster and stopped licensing from Taylorcraft. Further military aircraft were supplied post war; the Auster AOP6, Auster T7, and the Auster AOP9 ( Wiki ).




Weather permitting, both aircraft will be flying into Croft early on Saturday morning and taking part in a static display for the weekends Festival, they will fly out late Sunday afternoon.


We have now booked two musical acts for the show......


......"The Daisy Belles" http://www.thedaisybelles.co.uk


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......"The Blitz Sisters" http://www.theblitzsisters.co.uk



Unfortunately, we were once again unsuccessful with our application for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. However we have two quite different aerobatic aircraft booked for the show; the small and agile Pitts S-1S Special, and the large and noisy Yak 52.


On Saturday lunch break, we will have the Pitts Special flown by Paul Gabriele. For Sunday, another lunch break display with the Yak 52 flown by Simon Ducker, followed by a second display by the Pitts Special. Keep your eye to the sky for these aerobatic displays.









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More Aviation for Croft - The Extra 230


The Extra 230 is a single-seat aerobatic aircraft developed in Germany in the early 1980s. It was designed by aerobatic pilot Walter Extra, and based on the layout of the Laser Z-200 he was previously flying. The Extra 230 was a conventional mid-wing cantilever monoplane with fixed tailwheel undercarriage and a wire-braced empennage. The fuselage and empennage were of steel tube construction, but the wings were wooden. Production continued until 1990, at which time it was replaced by the Extra 300.


The Extra will be flown by Clive Butler, age 56, who has held an unlimited level Display Authorisation for over 10 years. Clive is a very experienced competition and display pilot, who's other interests include classic british motorbikes and modern road racing.


The Extra 230 will replace the Pitts Special display ( due to unforeseen circumstances ), although the Pitts may be on static display for the weekend.







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We are delighted to announce that we now have the Avro Vulcan XH558 "Spirit of Great Britain" confirmed to appear at Croft Nostalgia. This aircraft has already drawn massive crowds around the country during its 'Farewell Tour' weekend at the end of June. Due to increasing airframe hours, remaining engine life and the end of manufacturer support, 2015 is the last season of flight for this mighty Cold War bomber and peace keeper. Croft Nostalgia will be one of the few remaining Northerly locations where you can see the Vulcan fly before it is grounded forever. Don't miss this chance!


This news is hot off the press, and hasn't even been listed on the Vulcan's own website yet.

Please do visit Vulcan To The Sky and support this great British aircraft.









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