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Water hose clamps for Diamond T

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For our restoration of a Diamond T I am looking to swap the post-war 1950's water hose clamps for the proper wartime types. Going through the spare materials in the workshop, I came across these:


Clamps (Large).jpg


I am pretty sure the left (open) and middle (closed) clamps are wartime types for Jeep, Dodge etc. (?). The one on the right is the proper size for the Diamond water hoses, not sure if it is the correct type though. Can anyone tell me what clamps to look for? Would it be the first two types but then in a larger diameter? Many thanks for your input!

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Hi Jeff,


I understand you would be looking for the DT head gaskets(?). Since I am located in The Netherlands, you might want to check with member "diamond-t-steve" here on the forum. He may know of some contacts in the US who can deliver these.





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