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Reynolds Boughton RB44 Facebook Group Page

Hangar 53

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Evening all.

we recently started a Facebook group page for the Reynolds Boughton RB44 TUH.

We run a workshop, specializing primarily in older Land Rovers, and of course the RB44.

We run a couple of Boughtons ourselves, and work on a few others, so have got to know them fairly well, as well as having several members in our group that have a great deal of knowledge about them, and of course, parts sourcing.


So if you run one of these old beasts, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on the group, as we often document the repairs we do, and the parts we have in stock, or at least where to find them.

We've also fitted a couple of radio bodies to the non-ffr GS trucks, so can offer advice in that department as well.


Have a good Christmas, and hope to see some of you over there.






Hangar 53 Custom Motor Works

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Hi Si


I am thinking of buying one of the RB44 bodies from Withams for my SUMB - if you have one around I would be interested to visit and have a proper look and measure up as I think you are a lot closer than Withams ! I'm particularly interested in the width overall.


Best Wishes for Xmas and 2015





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