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Hi there guys,


Currently have a 110 Zebra Defender (modern) and I have just bought myself a 1989/90 Ex-RAF base 110 defender station wagon. It is being picked up tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting it! The previous owner has the paperwork listing original chassis number etc and there are a couple of things that will need doing up - nothing major at all just some window rubbers and a bit of interior. But want to make sure everything is as it should be for the landy. I know it isn't super old, but I like it ;) it is currently MOD Green and I was wondering (as I don't have the paperwork yet) whether it should actually be RAF Blue.


Anyway nice to meet you all and I look forward to looking/reading around the forum and probably asking some fairly stupid questions :P


I do a fair bit of off roading with my job, so will also be looking for decent 50/50 tyres too and somewhere to get decent parts for the restory bits that need doing around the Hants/Berks border.


Also looking long term for a 90 station wagon, not sure which series but basically the mini version of the 110 I now have with 3 in the front and benches in the back!

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