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Bedford MJ 330 static pump timing.


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I would like some help re static pump timing on a 1989 Bedford (AWD) MJ 330 turbo.

It has a CAV DPA pump with mechanical governor. The 1979 manual I have says the static timing is 12 degrees BTDC for the turbo version and 16 degrees BTDC for the non-turbo - both with mechanical governor.

However the flywheel has three markings - U/C (I know this is TDC), T and D.

By measuring the diameter of the flywheel and the distance between the marks I estimate that T is 10 degrees BTDC, and D is 25 degrees BTDC.

So which mark do I use to set the static timing as they don't agree with my manual. Did the timing on the later 330 engines change that much from those described in my 1979 manual?

Everything on the lorry is untouched from being cast from the military after a full rebuild and a long period held in 'reserve'. It hasn't been messed about with in civilian life.

Once i can sort out these marks i know the procedure for static timing. Any advice on the degrees before TDC, and significance of 'T' and 'D' would be much appreciated.

Cheers Carl.



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