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TANKFEST 2013: March Updates

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Planning continues for 2013 with the major weekend event just over four months away...


bovtm_tankfest_battle.jpgBattle Plans


This year’s mock battle is to be the most ambitious attempted to date, with Museum planning a spectacle of co-ordinated vehicle movement, infantry action and pyrotechnics.


The `cold war` theme will provide the backdrop to the biggest re-enactment ever undertaken in the Museum arena. But it will take numerous hours to make sure that it all comes together; and here you can see one of the many planning meetings involving key staff. As you can see, model tanks are an essential part of the process!


bovtm_tankfest_cordingley.jpgDesert Storm Commander Set to Entertain


Major General (retired) Patrick Cordingley DSO DSc has been unveiled as the guest speaker in the TANKFEST Directors enclosure.


General Cordingley is best known for commanding the 7th Armoured Brigade - the Desert Rats - during the first Gulf War. Since retiring from the army in he has become an authoritative media commentator on defense and international affairs. Guests in the Directors enclosure will also be treated to a performance by 1940’s vocalist Madeline Brown as they enjoy a sumptuous three course lunch in the comfort of an arena side enclosure.


Click here for more information on our Directors Enclosure package.


bovtm_tankfest_irish_rolls.jpgStaring Rolls


The Tank Museum’s prized Rolls Royce Armoured Car will be joined in the arena by one of a handful of survivors.


“Sliabh na mBan” was one of a number of Rolls Royce Armoured Cars given to the Irish Free State Army. The vehicle was part of the convoy carrying Michael Collins, Commander in Chief of the Free State Army, when it was ambushed and Collins was killed in 1922. It is appearing courtesy of the Irish Defence Force.



bovtm_tankfest_pak88.jpgMore Firepower


The finishing touches are being put on The Tank Museums latest volunteer led restoration project.


Les Wilkins has spent the past six years working to restore this German 8.8 cm PAK L43 – 41, which came to the museum in 1996 having spent decades as a gate guardian at the School of Infantry in Warminster.


The freshly restored gun will be on display at TANKFEST.


To find out more or to buy on-line click here.


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