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Hi Tony

I know that office well :( I used to do office equiment repaires there many moons go.


But that site as far as I can see has a limited date range. They are showing the bombs that were dropper on the Crook Log area of Bexleyheath, but not the one that was dropped just north of the sports centre, in Brampton road.

That one buried my then to be Mum and my Grandmother, for 3 hours in the aderson shelter in there back garden,but injured my then to be Dad, who was on duty at the old fire station about 400 yards away in Brampton Road, awaiting orders to mobilze to incidents.

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Yes, there are quite few around me. Blacksmith Lane also has one. I'll have to do some more eys on ground checking. Though the area has been re-developed. When the old police station was developed a couple of years back the old air raid shelter, quite a big beast, was pumped full of concrete and used as foundation.

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