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Jokes thread removal


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Folks I just would like to let you all know why the jokes thread was removed. It was never to upset anyone. However after discussing it with the complete team (there are now EIGHT of us) it was decided to save us from a lot of hassle we would remove it. I asked Lee to do so on my behalf.


I asked for the thread to be pulled because: racial or gender specific/sexist references - to national or specific racial/gender groupings or even one time comedy stereotypes acceptable in the past can be the subject of a complaint, even by a third party not of that nationality/gender under current equality law in the UK. This could leave this forum specifically open to a charge in respect of these Acts - however stupid this might seem - should someone choose to make one and in the current climate there are plenty of people happy to follow it up for all manner of reasons. It's as simple as that.


We have a duty of care to not allow this to happen and that we have to protect our position and the sensibilities of our members.



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