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USAAF 70th Anniversary Features on BBC Local Radio


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Connected very much with our USAAF themed events this summer, I have teamed up with local BBC Radio Suffolk Presenter Lesley Dolphin to act as historical advisor working on a radio documentary about the 70th Anniversary of the arrival of the USAAF in East Anglia.


As an opening gambit, I went into the studio today for an on-air live interview session where we invited local people to telephone in with their recollections. It spanned a period (on and off) of about 90 minutes!!


I feel it went pretty well and even the illusive 'Shop Nut' made a very welcome guest appearance !


Follow the link below and scroll forward to 1 hour and 2 minutes which is where the excitement starts and then go to 1 hour 40 minutes where the real 'meat and potatoes' kicks off.


Sorry about the Cliff Richard track!!





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I have been at the American WWII Military Cemetery today at Madingley, Cambridge, doing audio recordings/interviews for the forthcoming BBC radio documentary i am working on as Historic Advisor, due to be aired around the Armistice Week in November.


Some of the stories surrounding the many names on the wall of the missing are truly courageous and bring an absolute lump to your throat. We were given an excellent guided-tour of the entire complex by Malcolm Osborne in-between the rain showers and had a truly humbling day.


Over 3000 hero's live there and they are always in residence come rain or shine - If you have never been I strongly recommend a visit whenever you are in the area. You will come away with a much greater appreciation of life and a fuller understand of the meaning of the word Sacrifice.

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