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Producing rivet heads.




Hopefully someone can help me. When using solid rivets and using a snap to made a domed rivet head, what is the calculation to workout the rivet lenght to produce the rivet head? I remeber using it during my apprenticeship, its something like the thickness of the metal being riveted plus diameter of the rivet or was it half the diameter, i'm not to sure.


I've tried all my usual sources, zuse, internet, and the machinists hand book from 1946 but i can't put my finger on it. If someone can tell me it will save me a few hours-days, rooting round the loft for my apprenticeship notes.


Thanks Rippo

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This any good?? nicked off interweb.



The 1.5 shank diameter is a general rule for cold riveting. For hot riveting, you can have some more length. On my tongs, I hot rivet leaving 2.5 for a head, because I want a broad rivet head to lessen the slop (you'll have some slop).


My sixth edition, 1953, British book has some dimensions of manufactured rivet heads. They call a round head a "snap head." The head diameter is 1.75 the shank D. The head height is .75D. The flat head is 2D of the shank D. It's height is 1/4D. The brazier head is a low profile dome. Its head is 2D the shank, and its height is 1/2 shank D.


reference: "Handcraft in Metal" by A.J. Shirley and A.F. Shirley.

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