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Vehicle Support for Important Display Needed

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Armed Forces Town Centre Display

On 30th June it is Armed Forces Day in Ashford (Kent) Town centre.

This is being Organised by The Royal British Legion & will be an Important & Prodigious Event.


There is Media coverage of this Occasion from the Local Paper & also TV.


There will be many stands on show including: The Legion (Obviously!) The Ghurka Veterans, British Army, Cadets, Help 4 Hero's, The Kohima Band from 3 PWRR, The Air Cadets Band, The Riders Branch of the RBL, & MANY More besides!


We would VERY much like some Ex Military Vehicles for static display to support this Hig Profile event please.


The vehicle size needed would be approx of the following classes: Jeep, Ferret, Dingo, Bedford MW, Champ, Etc.

Or ANYTHING of that approx size. Trucks would be a little on the big size & take up too much car space allocated.


About half a dozen examples across the board would be perfect!


If YOU would like to support this event & have a great day out. Please either PM me with what you are able to offer.

Or contact me with your phone contact number .


We NEED to know As soon as possible numbers & vehicles available. so we are able to bid for space for you all.


Thank you VERY Much for your kind cooperation in Advance.



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