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225Mhz - 399.5Mhz

3500 channels at 50Khz spacing

Tx 2watts

Range ground to ground 8km

Ground to aircraft

20km at 30m high

40km at 150m high

80km at 1500m high

160km at 6500m high

24 volts

Rx 220 mA

Tx 1.2 A


The User Handbook is Army Code No. 61351

Parts Cat is Army Code No. 61736


I don't have any of the above, but I do have the EMERs which are 1.5 in thick of A4 double sided. Please! Do not ask me to photocoy it all as it would be expensive & take me all day. But if there is the odd bit of detail or odd page you need I can scan.



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Many thanks Clive, I would like to know what the knob on top on the right does, it's marked up LOCAL, MUTE O/R, REM, AUTO, IC & BEACON, I just wondered what all these settings were, the knob on the left is the on & volume & I understand all the frequency dials, any help appreciated.




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To all owners of PRC 344 radios. Don't for any reason dial up 243 on the frequency selectors!!!!!! :shake: :-o This is the distress channel and is monitored 24/7 by ALL aircraft military and civil, and by ground stations etc. This is a safety of life service, if you cause a problem you will get a visit from OFCOM and MOD police.

Both your vehicle and radio will be impounded, and don't expect to get them back.


Also don't switch to beacon, it does what it says on the tin! You will be sort of doing a "all aircraft I am here".


You will be very lucky if you hear anything very much. Transmissions are short, and some are now is secure form.


Two of these radios can work up to 5 miles at ground level, with the tape antennas in open flat country. An airbourne platform can hear one about 300 miles away!


if you need more info PM me.





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  • 12 years later...

I am aware this is an old thread, but anyone searching for 344 info will inevitably find it.


It is very easy to ensure you stay legal with the 344, regardless of whether you have a handset, headset, remote radio attached, or select BEACON mode, you simply need to disable the transmitter.

But you say, I would NEVER transmit! Well, maybe not deliberately, but who hasnt turned a switch the wrong way accidentally? How easy is it to catch the pressel on a handset? And what about inquisitive fingers from the public at a display when your backs turned?


This is a very easy fix. First, remove the battery! On the larger side cover (not the switch side), remove the 14 hex bolts and lift off the cover. On the plate with the switches underneath, you will see a U shaped section of thick stainless steel wire, clipped over a screw in the middle and with its ends going into two holes. Lift this up with a screwdriver near the screw, and it will come off - this is the module removal tool!

Now, locate module 3 (all modules are numbered on their tops), you will see it has holes in the corners. Insert the ends of the tool in these holes, and gently pull. The module will come out. Check it says Amplifier Direct Current on the side (to make sure you havent pulled out the wrong one!), and put it away somewhere safe (so you can put it back if you sell the set).

Replace the extractor tool, making sure it is securely clipped down (if it comes loose inside it will cause big problems!), and refit the lid, making sure to put it back on the way around you removed it, as there are foam pads attached that hold the modules down. Tighten up the bolts.

Your set will now work just as before, only it will not transmit.


Module 3 is the Direct Current Amplifier. It is responsible for providing the control voltages that activate the transmit amplifiers, and switch the antenna relay. It also provides the sidetone on transmit (audio feedback to the headgear). Inside it, there is a logic control gate, which will only activate if it gets a Phase Lock signal from the synthesiser, indicating that the frequency is stable. By removing module 3, there is no logic control, so no control signals to the rest of the transmitter. And, you havent actually modified the radio, so its still in original condition.


Note - with only module 3 removed, switching to beacon mode will still activate the Tx RF Oscillator and Driver circuits (these are hard wired into the set). As a result, there will be a slight leakage of RF energy. This is very low level, but may be detectable ( I can detect the emission from my set on a commercial scanner many tens of meters away!) so in order to be absolutely safe, the beacon oscillator and Tx microphone audio stages should also be disabled. This can be done by additionally removing module 8.


Martin G7MRV

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