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Hello All , from Peter Jones

Peter Jones

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Hi to all on here , I have a Land Rover Air Portable FFR , which I've had for a year , pretty much standard , except for rims/tyres and the much maligned Weber carb.

Noticed some familiar names (from http://www.orrp.com) on here :)


Got into Lightweights from the Landy side of things , rather than the military aspect , because they are pure series landy and look great (surely I don't need to justify it on here ? :) )


I do most of my own work on the vehicle , used to be a mechanic so most routine jobs are straightforward (memory usually needs refreshing though) and it is the only car I have , also ride a Triumph Bonneville 750.

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Hi Pete.


Thanks for the intro!


I have had 9 landies in my time, from a S11 to a V8 Range Rover. My favourate one was a S111 109. Our 110 county also had a V8 lump but it had the added bonus of a Janspeed turbo bolted to it :shock: .............now that was fun and nearly as quick as my GMC :roll:


Good to have you hear.



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