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P-51 Mustang Flight up for grabs

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For all participants attending 'Our Little Friends' over the weekend of 15th/16th/17th July, the rare opportunity to take a flight in one of Maurice Hammond's P-51 Mustang Fighters is up for grabs.


On the Saturday night during the intermission at the Hangar Dance, I will conduct a live auction to raise the highest amount of money possible (all for the various cancer charities) by offering one lucky bidder the chance to ride the back seat for a 45 minute flight over the Eighth Air Force Airfields of East Anglia.


This flight can be taken on Sunday 17th (at the event) or at a later date to suit the winning bidder.


So start saving your pocket money!


Having been lucky enough myself to ride the back seat of Maurice's P-51 D Janie, I can wholly recommend this unique experience. Opportunities like this do not come up very often and knowing the way our world is going, almost certainly will not be available for ever and a day. So grasp this chance whilst you can and consider bidding on the night.


Their will of course be a minimum reserve on the auction that we will have to stick to, but (in the interests of maximum funds for the charities) I am not prepared to disclose this figure.


A full HD video camera is now fully installed and functional on one of Maurice Hammond's P-51's to capture the flight for posterity!


Just as food for thought, to fly in the back seat of the Grace Spitfire, I understand the waiting list is approx five years.








Three shots of the resident P-51 Mustang's at Hardwick, which one lucky bidder could be climbing aboard!

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