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Sexton / Sherman final drive


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Just wondering if anyone had a ballpark weight of a 3 piece final drive with transmission. I am getting ready to remove the unit from our Sexton. Trying to decide weather to build a dolly or just block it up. If I make a dolly, I need an approximate weight so as to know how strong the casters need be.


Also, if anyone has any recommendations on this task it would be appreciated.





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Thanks Adrian!

I was guessing a little more so that is gonna help. Thanks for the tip on the rising hull. One of the main reasons I didn't want to just block it up was the chance of something moving on me be the time I go put it back in. I have a pretty good idea on my design for the trolley. It will be adjustable to compensate for the rise and fall. Will post a pick when its done.


Here she is at the moment.



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