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recovery trucks

Big Al

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:?: What licence will you need to drive recovery trucks or are thay classed has cranes? Normal car licence if before 1960? what about after 1960 and will you be able to tow a trailer with it ? Were is the best place to get information on the law reguarding licences and vehicles you can drive on the licence you hold ? DLVC,local plod ect. :?

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Guess who was looking at the Militants and Explorers at Hanbury steam rally last weekend. :wink:


http://www.dvla.gov.uk/drivers/special_licensing_arrangements_f.htm gives some useful information.

Exemption L is the one you're thinking of.

goods vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1960, used unladen and not drawing a laden trailer;


P looks good

goods vehicle fitted with apparatus designed for raising a disabled vehicle partly from the ground and for drawing a disabled vehicle when so raised (whether by partial superimposition or otherwise) being a vehicle which -


is used solely for dealing with disabled vehicles;


is not used for the conveyance of any goods or load other than a disabled vehicle when so raised and water, fuel, accumulators and articles required for the operation of, or in connection with, such apparatus or otherwise for dealing with disabled vehicles; and

until you get to

has an unladen weight not exceeding 3.05 tonnes;
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