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Dodge half ton Military T202 VC Production Info page


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I've never been happy with the way the 1943 Dodge Master Parts List covers the 1940 Dodge 4 x 4 half ton VC military T202 code production. It's incomplete and a little misleading, but doubtless all they had space for.

I've compiled a new page with what I believe to be a full set of production figures, Instruction Manual and Parts List numbers, and I've added notes to explain where the additions and alterations come from;




Some of the totals still don't match as individual chassis are reported as being in two production batches, but I've left those glitches in as they are derived from official Dodge sources.


The 1940 Dodge Military Survivors list, started by Steve Greenberg and expanded and maintained by me over the last six years, can still be found here;




If anyone has any interesting 1940 Dodge military truck info, images, chassis or production data, feel free to copy me at;


Gordon (at) Dodge.org.uk


... and I'll update the list when I can. I also have most of the T202 and many of the T203 ( 4 x 4 AND 4 x 2 ) Instruction Manuals and Parts Lists if anyone needs info, but no requests for copies of dozens of pages, please.

Gordon ( really needs to get back in the garage ) McMillan

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