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Scammell Explorer Rear Outer Hub Nuts

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You slacken off the ring of square bolts, use a slogging spanner and belt it with a sledge hammer till it rings, the tighten the square bolt to take up the slack plus a little nip. re wire and that's it, simples.


There's a few pix on here somewhere I'll try and find some.

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Yes as said before remove the locking wire from the small set screws and slack them back then tighten the huge nut with said spanner and sledge hammer and retighten the small bolts back up and rewire. the small bolts retaind the bearing. The large nut should have a line or center punch mark scribed on the face of the nut and shaft this is how tight you need to get the nut. there may be more than one mark from previous rebuilds. I made my spanner from some thick plate and the rear arm off a fordson major tractor. It has to be solid and well made> jumping on a socket and long bar won't help you



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I found that some times the previous marks may not line up if the nut has been loose for some time as some wear may have taken place, so probably best to ignore them and re-mark with paint, this way you will not end up with loads of chiseled marks. If like me you find you can re-tighten after a few runs, then permanently mark when/if nothing has moved.

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