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CVR(T) and CVR(W) Shop Tools

robin craig

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Here in better colour and detail are the tools for lifting the engine decks and fan assembly we have made up for the CVR T & W vehicles we have.


1 Basic lifting chains, or two legged brother if you know it as that. Ring and hooks fastend to chain by hammer together links


2 Same chain but with screw in eyes for lifting CVRT engine decks, use of washers required if threads bottom out


3 CVR(W) Fox Fan assembly lifting clips


4 CVR(W) Fox fan assembly guide tool, drawing posted elsewhere already


5 Same chain with CVR(W) Fox lifting clips attached


Hope this is of use to some of you



BV et alia 229.jpg

BV et alia 230.jpg

BV et alia 228.jpg

BV et alia 231.jpg

BV et alia 234.jpg

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