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Dear admirers of military vehicles,


I am new to this site and in a few days I will send a more elaborate introduction of myself. For now I wanted to make you all aware of a stolen Willys jeep that may find its way to the UK, and of someone trying to obtain new registration papers or trying to sell it without registration.


Last Thursday night, 9th September, my Willys MB 1942 was stolen from a garage in the Netherlands. As these vehicles tend to be transported abroad and offered for sale, I am contacting you in an attempt to recover my jeep.


It is a Willys MB 1942 which was overhauled in 1970 in La Maltournet France where it was also converted to 24V. It has a little plate on the dashboard that reminds of this overhaul. The vehicle identification number is 103927. I am most grateful if someone would find it or hear about it and contact me at rienk.willys@gmail.com.


Kind regards,

Rienk Keuning.

Willys MB 1942.jpg

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