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Ford GPA amphibious jeep restoration

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WOW That a stunning job Mark m uk , thats got to be even better than when that rolled of the production line 60 plus years ago !! Out standing workman ship and attention to detail .


How many people were working on this restoration ?


How much time does the video span ?


On completion will it be driven both land and water or will it be going to a museum ?

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Thank you Airborne,


I did the work all on my own - but had a proffessional mechanic check and test run, and tune the engine.


I guess the project took about 2 years of spare time work. The first outing was Beltring when I picked up first prize.


The most recent outing was Beltring this year - I was very pleased to get a first again.






No, I will never swim it - it is most likely the best preserved and most original example left, that is why I built a replica Schwimmer - so I can play in the water :D



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I realize that the most recent reply to this thread was over 11 years ago, but I figured its worth a shot. I am an enthusiast of these vehicles and have been intrigued with the prospect of restoring one. Would anyone here know where I would be able to find any GPAs, or even where to begin looking. I suspect there aren't many in junkyards anymore..

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