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WW2 U.S. HBT Clothing fun and games - buttons.


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Decided to have a break from ongoing mv maintenance and try to get 3 x pairs of unworn repro HBT coveralls into shape for the season.


One is a really nice pair I picked up several years ago but is way over size, the other two are the better of the generic coveralls available and a little on the large side.


I took the plunge and tried the nice pair and a pair of the generics on a 40 degree wash. Nice pair shrunk well but not quite enough :-|. Generic pair came out spot on :-).


So tried a very risky thing and put the nice pair on a 60 degree wash. To my relief it came out spot on for size :-), but then I realised that two of the metal buttons had come apart despite the garment being buttoned up and turned inside out :cry:. They'd almost pulled through the material before separating into component parts of button and rivet.



Out with the bodger's kit - one button seems to have pushed back together with a washer behind, the other is now held on by a cut-down self-tapping screw and again a washer.


So - what is the secret to getting these buttons to go back and stay together ok?


Do you have to prise the head cover off and use a new rivet of some sort? Are replacement buttons available?


I just hit the NEW THREAD button and realised that was quite appropriate - new thread(s)? :cool2:

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Hi Tony, same problem with my At The Front coveralls - sizing wise.


I have 2 pairs of their current HBT coveralls in 'Large' (42-44 chest) and as soon as they turned up, I got my unissued original size 42 coveralls out - about as close a match as you could ever get dimension wise. Sadly, all 3 pairs are too long in the leg for me (5' 10') so I either roll them up or fasten the ankle strap (and look like I didn't quite make it to the portaloo at Damyns!)

No tips on refitting the separated 13 star buttons, but a quick call to ATF will source some new ones that you can use to replace them.


I'm still trying to get ATF to start making A-3 mechanics caps, just because nobody else is! (Singapore ones are poor copies, Buzz Lightyears, sorry Ricksons (Eastman Leather), are just too expensive for what they are, and I've seen some examples with a black printed AAF logo on them).

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