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Over Width and Over Weight MVs


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Folks - I have removed this thread again. We did reinstate it as you know but right now it will create more problems for me than its worth.


Yes HMVF is a public forum and yes we should be able to dicuss what we want. However, this is a big complex subject and right now to big for me and HMVF.


We have never proclaimed to be anything else than a forum and this topic in my opinion could undermine the whole hobby. Just have a look at the bigger picture - the amount of business's depending on sales of such vehicles, folks who have such vehicles in private ownership will just have a vehicle that would only be worth scrap value - this topic could wipe them out over night - this is not our role here. If people have an issue then perhaps take it up with your club who may well have the money for legal representation.


I know folks will have issues with my decision but please take it to PM however I will not be giving it a lot of my time as I don't have a lot right now.


Kind regards,



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