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M62 progress

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The boys have sorted the engine mostly, i have a new petrol tank, cost a fortune, and have collected most of the important recovery gear...the steering pump is leaking from somewhere, will take a look at this and their are still bits of bodywork to be sorted...minor but important. She has new windscreen new drivers glass, new CES and a load of other bits and pieces..speedo not yet fitted, I will do that this weekend along with a few more tidying bits and pieces...will start spraying up parts as I go too...


I am still looking for a rear and front vice for the thing and the canopy that goes over the crane cab, the canvas canopy, i have the hoops but no canvas...


the front pto shaft will be with me in a week or so and that will be fired up and tested, the rear winch is a monster and hauled her out of a bog with ease...she should be all sorted legally, with new number plates and tax disc in a couple of weeks and I will be out on the road taking a couple of buses to the scrap yard..

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During the late 50's and early 60's I drove an M62 doing recovery work in Cdn Army. Started in Diamond Ts and Macks then Halalouya THE M62 arrived. It was like someone finally thought of us poor reccy mechs. Glad to see someone is keeping them alive and well. As to the cover on the boom operaters seat, the originals had no cover. We created our own as we used them in all weather including at 30 below and snow so it at least kept us a little protected. Our workshop canvas worker made the covers to suit the bows and we all had slightly different setups, I had curtains on mine that rolled up and tied off for summer work or if it was frosty and couldn't see with them down. Have fun and don't break a cable.



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