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Curragh camp


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hope you enjoy your trip to ireland next month with the crossley and may the rain keep off for the gorden bennett you may get a shock when you see the rolls in the curragh she's getting some work done,,,but the peerless looks great






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The International Gordon Bennett Rally is a pre 31 car run which I have attended for a few years.

This year they have indicated they will be visiting 'The Curragh to see some interesting vehicles' which I have interpreted as viewing the MV collection. I have booked in with the staff car but could have to take the tender as the car may not be ready. I hope the organisers will be able to make an exception for the tender on a car run which should be very appropriate for the visit to 'The Curragh' especially as they do not have a Crossley in the collection.


Please find an image of a late troutnosed 25/30 Crossley Tender based at 'The Curragh'



Irish CURRACH 1.jpg

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If all goes well we will be setting off for Liverpool at 5 tomorrow morning and be at the Curragh this Friday afternoon the 11th.


Cannot set the mag for cool running and also be able to handle start as the flux is at maximum in the advanced / best running position. I have a crew on board who are looking forward to push starting! plus other activities like hand signals and most likley cowering behind the scuttle in a vain attempt to avoid getting soaked.


I will let you know how we get on.



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The recently restored RollsRoyce armoured car Sliabh na mBan was unveiled at the Curragh Camp in Co Kildare at the weekend, following the annual ceremony paying tribute to deceased members of the Defence Forces’ Cavalry Corps.

Originally destined for service with the British army in Mesopotamia, Sliabh na mBan along with a large number of her sisters were diverted to Ireland during the War of Independence. In 1922 at least 14 of these1920 pattern Rolls Royce armoured cars were acquired by the newly formed Irish state.

Sliabh na mBan is the most historic and evocative vehicle in the State "said Irish Taoiseach Mr Kenny who attended the ceremony".

It is a matter of tragic irony that Collins, who refused to take shelter in the Sliabh na mBan, was evacuated from the ambush site in this very car, having been mortally wounded moments earlier. And thus, in the loss of one of our greatest patriots and leaders, Sliabh na mBan was a silent witness,” Mr Kenny said.

Sliabh na mBan, along with12 other armoured Rolls Royce cars, were procured by the National Army from the departing British forces, although it came under the control of anti-Treaty forces for a brief period during the Civil War.

By 1936, the Rolls Royce squadron was superseded by Landsverk L180 cars. However, the Sliabh na mBan and others were returned to service in late 1939, by which stage imported armoured vehicles were almost impossible to procure due to the conflict in Europe. The vehicles were later retired in the Curragh Camp.

In April 1954, most of the armoured Rolls Royces were auctioned off, fetching values of between £27 and£60, but the Sliabh na mBan was saved from the scrap heap and was worked on inthe Curragh Camp’s workshop, known as “Tin Town”.

Helping to care for the car were three generations of the Lynch family: Paddy Lynch, a driver in the National Army who drove Collins when he was posted to Dublin during the CivilWar, his son Pat and Pat’s son Padraig. Restoration expert James Black, from Lisburn, Co Antrim, was also praised by the chief of staff of the Defence Forces, Lieut Gen Sean McCann.

ARR 22222.jpg

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Excellent short video on the restoration.




A fantastic Video and not much standing around discussing

Thanks for posting the video.

I think the Dennis lads could learn a thing or two from the amazingly short time scale of this project!;)


Well done, I look forward to visiting and seeing the actual machine, I was at the Curragh in 2010 with the tender but Sliabh na mBan under restoration and was not on show. We owe a debt of gratitude to Paddy Lynch for saving this machine.



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