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Convoy to Remember 2010

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Dear Convoy to Remember Spectators and Participants


Soon three years have passed since our last spectacular Convoy to Remember event and the preparations for the next – the 5th (!) – Convoy to Remember are already underway.


The 5th Convoy to Remember, an anniversary celebration, will again take place in

5413 Birmenstorf, Switzerland from August 6 to August 8, 2010.


The anniversary program will be even more exciting, much larger and much more spectacular! Agreements have already been signed with various flying events, rare

old-timer vehicles and re-enactment groups. These events will again be complemented by top entertainment acts and musical formations.


The exhibition area / fairground for the Convoy to Remember Anniversary event will be more than double the size of the 2007 event assuring again ample space for your participation.


Camp 1 is reserved exclusively for re-enactment groups as well as for rare original vehicles and equipment.


Camp 2 on the other hand will again be available for secondary installations, groups, and exhibits as in previous years.


New groups, exhibitors, vehicles and equipment are cordially invited and are encouraged to participate.

Please extend this invitation also to your friends and any other persons and/or organizations supporting and attending such events.


News and developments will be made public on a regular basis on the official website: www.convoy.ch where you also will find the registration forms for the 5th Convoy to Remember 2010.


Early registrations will again be rewarded with a small surprise.

I am very happy to welcome you all and many of your friends to the 5th Convoy to Remember 2010 Anniversary event in Birmenstorf, Switzerland.


Sincerely yours


Adrian Gerwer

President Organizational Committee






A lot niiicee vehicle


over 20 tanks/ Mustang p51/ Dakota C47 / stinson l5


we're there with 10trucks and 4 tanks ;D

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