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Hi From Telford


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:cheesy::bow:Hi folks, My name is mick. I have been interested in all things military since Noah was a lad. Served as a driver & driving instructor with 5th Royal Tank Regt, drove Centurion, Saladin/Saracen/Ferret, and last but by no means least, Stalwart Mks 1 & 2, Mk 1 tried to roast me with a load of petrol onboard,(1leaky jerry can,1 hot engine =driver exiting rapidly)24EK72 if anyone's interested. Prefered Mk2 after that. Demobbed 1970 after 5RTR disbanded and short spell with15/19Hussars on Chieftain. HGV 1 driver, Transport manager & General Dogsbody till retirement through ill health last Jan. Can't afford a vehicle of my own,(Golden Brown says he can't afford to give me any more) so I'll just keep going to shows & talking to you guys. If anyone wants a rather dilapidated AFV driver, a bit frayed at the edges, let me know. Managed to get into the driver's compartment of a 1RTR Challenger2 last year, took a bit longer than it used to, but the head's still willing even if the legs say WHAT?

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